Ukulele Songs
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id Song Artist Level Key
449 The Good the Bad and the Ugly The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain 5 Dm
510 Kantoi Zee Avi 2 C
545 Joekelille Nico Haak en de paniekzaaiers 2 G
602 You are my Sunshine The Ukenannies 1 C
613 3 Moons BBUB 1 D
623 Kismet Etten-Leurs Ukulele Genootschap 3 Dm
634 Top Of The World Etten-Leurs Ukulele Genootschap 3 D
665 Elephant Gun Beirut 3 Bbm
700 Wacht maar tot ik groter ben Bert Hadders en de Nozems 1 G
701 Diamond head U900 1 Am
706 3 Moons Jan en Els 1 C
727 Take your love with me Sophie Madeleine 3 C
730 Take on me Ukebucket 2 C
761 Screw You Scrubs Ted and Gooch 2 C
762 Stay Awake Julia Nunes 2 D
797 I make my own sunshine Alyssa Bonagura 3 F#
803 Making Love, Ukulele Style Arthur Godfrey 4 Eb
810 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea George Harrison 3 F
830 Love Will Tear Us Apart Evelyn Evelyn 2 Em
877 St James Infirmary Blues MrJaynickel 2 Dm
883 Dear Mrs Applebee David Garrick 2 G
886 Postcards From Italy Beirut 3 F
945 Wolves Phosphorescent 3 Db
955 I love you, Raylene The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra 2 G
956 Baby Julia Nunes (the Supremes ft. Justin Bieber) 1 C
981 The Lazy Song Bruno Mars 3 B
1007 Kwaad Brigitte Kaandorp 3 G
1008 Urutoraman Ukulele 2 C
1012 I Could Love You Right Delouise 3 G
1038 Jackson Jan en Els en Ar 1 C
1068 Aunty Maggie’s Remedy George Formby 4 Bb
1163 Party Favor Billie Eilish 2 C
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