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id Song Artist Level Key
484 Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Presley 1 A
487 Only Love Can Break Your Heart Neil Young 1 D
617 Mannish Boy Muddy Waters 2 A
630 I put a spell on you Screemin J hawkins 1 Fm
774 Hootin' Blues Sonny Terry & Brownie Mc Ghee 1 E
800 I Want To Break Free Queen 2 E
898 See you later alligator Bill Haley and the Comets 3 Eb
1032 Honk Around the Clock The Honkers (Classic Sesame Street) 2 C
1156 Let's Work Together Canned Heat 2 G
1157 Let's Stick Together Bryan Ferry 2 A
1173 Going Up the Country Canned Heat 2 Bb
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